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Where am I

Where am I right now exact address is a tool that shows your current location on map coordinates including address, latitude and longitude. If you are lost, you can use this Where am I tool and the distance calculator to find exactly where you are. The where am I tool gives you the ability to explore the surrendering area on the map so you can quickly find your way out.


DD (decimal degrees)

DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds)
N S ° ' "
E W ° ' "


Share my Location

If you need to share your location with someone, you can simply send them the following link.

If you want to place the current location on a website, use the following link.

Where am I Right Now

The where am I right now is able to show gps coordinates in different formats such as decimal & degree, or degrees, minutes and seconds. You can easily export your current gps location to other tools or systems, such as a car navigation system. One usage of this tool is that you want to meet somebody at your current location, but unsure where you are at. You can use our where am I tool to located your address or gps coordinates and share it with the person that you want to meet with.

What County am I In

To find what county am I in, simply open this page and enable the location on your browser. If you are lost or just wanting to explore a county that you are not familiar with, this what is my county tool will come in handy. You can find your current county and move around the map to lookup neighboring counties.

It easy to look up an address, street signs, but sometimes it is not so obvious to find out which county an address belongs to. With the my county tool, you can easily find it out.

What City Am I In

To check what city am i in when exploring and travelling between different cities by public transit or driving. This tool will show you exactly which city you are at right now. You can share the location with friends and families by phone, email or other social tools.

What State am I In

If you are on a roadtrip and not sure which state you are current at. The what state am I in will show you exactly which state you are right now. Your current location and address will be shown along with latitude and longitude.

What Country Am I In

This tool shows what country am I in for those who are constantly travelling to different countries either by plane or train, and not sure which country they in right now. One may want to use this tool to check if she or he is about to cross border of another country.

What is My Zip Code

You can find out an address of a store, or a shopping mall easily, however sometimes it is not so easy to find the zip code of place because the address is written on the door, but zip code isn't. To find your zip code, you can use the what is my zip code tool or what is my address.

Where am I Now App

The where am i now tool is available on the Play Store as an app that you can install with any android device. The app is called Latitude Longitude.

Traveling across cities, states or even countries can be frustrating sometimes even with a map. Fortunately, with our where am I tool, it makes traveling a lot easier and more pleasant.

You will never be lost again because you can always use our tool to find where you at and find your way out. Both the gps coordinates and your current address will be shown on the map.

Here are some of things that our app can do for you.

  • Find out where am I right now as you walk or drive - the app will update with your latest location as you move.
  • Search for an area or an address, or gps coordinates location - simple type an address, and it will showed up on the map along with the latitude and longitude.
  • Convert address to gps coordinates and vice versa - enter any address, and it will be converted to gps coordinates accordingly.
  • Drag around the map and be able to find the exact location with a finger touch on the map - this is a very handy feature for those who want to know the place of a location, or a point on the map.
  • Share your current locations, or any other address that you can searched on the map - there is a built in function that allows you to share your location with your friends and families with any social tools such as email, text, facebook or other platforms you wish.
  • Save your gps locations and addresses - saving your locations is a powerful feature if you want to retrieve these locations later. You can use it as an address book that stores the address all of your friends and families.